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    Terms and conditions


    ● Roulettemetodivincenti.com undertakes to comply with all Italian and European laws, relating and not limited to privacy, the use of cookies, the possible sale of goods / services, and gambling regulations.

    ● Roulettemetodivincenti.com does not represent or is owned by any company or professional and does not carry out activities in the form of a business. It is not a direct sales site and does not have the form of e-commerce. Roulettemetodivincenti.com is an initiative of a team of individuals, any sales of goods or services are to be understood solely as a sale between individuals. The contents of the site, methods and programs are the exclusive property of Roulettemetodivincenti.com, therefore any dissemination for profit, even partial, of any material relating to the Roulettemetodivincenti.com site and any programs and methods transferred to the user is prohibited.

    ● Gambling is restricted to adult users. Roulettemetodivincenti.com does not directly propose any gambling, nor does it want to promote gambling itself. Roulettemetodivincenti.com is not affiliated with nor does it have commercial relations with online casinos, nor does it profit in any form from them, nor does it want to promote any casinos shown on the site, which may be present for information purposes only. Roulettemetodivincenti.com is in favor of responsible gaming: play only if you are of age; always play only sums of money that you can accept to lose without significant consequences.

    ● Roulettemetodivincenti.com does not provide any implicit or explicit warranties regarding its systems and programs; does not guarantee that the programs work without interruptions and without any errors, does not guarantee the continuity of operation of the servers where any site and programs are hosted.

    ● Roulettemetodivincenti.com does not provide any implicit or explicit guarantee regarding the results obtainable from gambling using the contents of the site, and using any programs and methods that may be transferred to the user. The methods and programs of Roulettemetodivincenti.com are born with the aim of maximizing the winnings at gambling, despite this any result expectations mentioned or shown in various forms on the site, are to be understood only as an approximate average of the results obtainable; they are not intended in any case as a guarantee of income; practical cases shown on the site, even in multimedia form, are to be understood as a description of cases relating to other users, under certain conditions, times and situations: in no way does Roulettemetodivincenti.com guarantee the repeatability of such cases for other users. Gambling always presents high risks of capital loss - including total loss, even using programs and methods related to Roulettemetodivincenti.com, the user accepts without conditions to take into account such losses. Roulettemetodivincenti.com is in no way responsible for any winnings or losses resulting from the use of its programs and methods while gambling, and for any consequences deriving from such winnings or losses; this responsibility lies solely with the end user. Roulettemetodivincenti.com favors responsible gaming: play only if you are of age; always play only sums of money that you can accept to lose without significant consequences.

    ● Roulettemetodivincenti.com reserves the right to modify these conditions in the future without notice; we invite users to visit this page and to read this text whenever they use the contents, contact Roulettemetodivincenti.com or request the sale of programs and methods.

    ● By browsing the site, using the contents including multimedia ones, requesting the sale of programs or services, or using programs and services sold by Roulettemetodivincenti.com, the user accepts the above without conditions. If the user does not agree with these conditions, we request that you stop browsing and close the site.

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