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    ○ Watch our video presentation: we are proud to let all know about our new roulette software. We speak about all main features, and we show the software at work.

    We show the progression in 7 sessions in a row, all winning. The video is complete, without cuts and additions, we also show the history of the sessions.

    ○ In this video we are pushing our roulette software bot. We enter with only 50 euros and in about 15 minutes we make a profit of 26 euros, beating the online casino.

    ○ Watch our roulette software at work:
    we make 20 euros in about 4 minutes, without significant risk!

    We win 300€ on Betfair Casino without significant risks!
    Our software performs about 1.5 million calculations at a time to align and beat the online casino.

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    The roulette methods alone do not work against online casinos, who knows the game well, surely knows that they are not enough.
    We have developed a software to align with the casinos, to therefore beat the game on the same level, software against software, taking advantage of what the online casinos are based on: software.

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